BIODEQ introduces SUNFLOWER PROTEIN ISOLATE, a competitive alternative to traditional soy and pea protein isolates!

BIODEQ is an innovative foodtech and agritech startup focused on developing novel sunflower plant-based protein isolates through environmentally friendly deeptech innovation. 

Our mission is to provide new plant-based sunflower protein isolates with outstanding functionality at a lower cost, while minimizing environmental impact.

We believe in revolutionizing the century-old method of sunflower oil extraction technology to produce a wider range of end products. The project aims to meet the needs of an expanding global population, tackle the increasing demand for proteins, ensure non-waste production, prioritize safe working conditions and environmental sustainability.

The cost of the end products is reduced by using a unique mix of electrophysical and biotechnological approaches including a closed water-based process. The technology and products will be patented to ensure exclusivity in the market.

We are thrilled about getting as many valuable products from the traditional harvest as possible!


Is it possible to produce Sunflower Protein Isolate (SFPI) efficiently?

Sunflower is traditionally recognized as an oil-rich crop, yielding sunflower meal or cake as a by-product of oil extraction. Experts affirm that sunflower cake or meal is rich in protein and offers numerous advantages for use in the food industry. The potential of extracting protein from sunflower seeds has been known for over 40 years, although the costs of the end product are currently 2-3 times higher compared to soy or pea isolate.

And we asked ourselves: can we reduce the costs? YES, WE CAN. Our solution