BIODEQ offers SUNFLOWER PROTEIN ISOLATE new competitive product to traditional soy protein isolate and pea protein isolate!

BIODEQ is an innovative foodtech+agritech startup project focused on creating new plant-based proteins within environment friendly deeptech innovative technology. We have the aim to create new plant-based protein isolates with excellent functional characteristics, lower price than before with minimal environmental impact.

We believe we can change the conservative hundred years oil extracting technology from sunflower seeds to more variable end products production for expanding planet population, rising demand for proteins, non-waste and more safe production for workers and nature. We reduce the cost of end products by using unique mix of electro physical and biotechnological technology with closed water-based process. The technology and products will be patented.

We try to get as many valuable products from the traditional harvest as possible!


Is it possible to get Sunflower Protein Isolate effectively?

Sunflower is known like traditional oil rich product with sunflower meal or cake by-product after extracting the oil. Specialists confirm that sunflower cake or meal is reach with protein and has lots of advantages for use in food industry. The potential of extracting protein from sunflower Is known more than 40 years though the costs of end product are 2-3 times higher than soy or pea isolate.

And we asked ourselves: can we reduce the costs? YES, WE CAN. Our solution