Sunflower protein isolate (SFPI)

We introduce Sunflower Protein Isolate (SFPI) – new product for food industry!

BIODEQ employs technology that guarantees stable functional parameters of the product. We are entirely confident in the functionality of our SFPI, which can be compared to soy and pea protein isolates, ensuring a non-GMO and hypoallergenic status.

Best quality protein

High efficient PDCAAS ≥ 80

Highly functional

Allergen FREE

Minimum flavor profile


Vegan friendly

100% closed process


Hexan free


Excellent functional native protein

Powder or hydrolysate option

Pure native protein

Light gray close to white color

High protein level 90%

High solubility

Our BIODEQ SFPI is ideal to use in applications like:

Plant-based dairy- yogurts and cheese

Plant-based milks and ice-cream

Meat applications – nuggets, sausages, gastronomy products

Beverages of different kinds, nutrition, etc.

Plant-based meats (extruded)

Vegan protein bars and snacks