Why Sunflower Protein?

For many of us, protein is a relatively new topic. That means we have to pass through the basic knowledge. On the other hand, we have significant experience in other applications such as ultrasonic treatment or sonochemistry, UV treatment, and systems operating under pressure and deep vacuum. It’s remarkable: our expertise in fields completely different from proteins was combined with biotechnology to generate a novel technical concept. 

From the beginning, we combined biotechnology, chemical processes, and converted electrical power treatment to produce high-quality protein at lower costs. Our integrated approach has proven more effective than using individual technologies. Biodeq has initiated patenting in Europe and the USA.

Our results in 2022:

  • Sunflower protein concentrate derived from standard sunflower meal achieves a protein level of 52% after oil extraction. This is a significant difference from the sunflower concentrate made from specially prepared sunflower meal currently available in the market.
  • Removal of lignin elements from sunflower husks within the same process
  • Fourfold reduction of metal elements concentration in the final product
  • Complete elimination of bacteria in the final product
  • Closed-loop production cycle with minimum water usage
  • Feeding tests conducted on three groups of 35 chickens each, with one group fed a soy protein diet, yielded promising results. The maximum difference in average weight between the experimental groups and the control group was +3.5%. Experts confirmed superior taste in meat and soup made from chicken fed by sunflower protein concentrate.

While studying the process and treatment results, we outlined the most promising topics:

  • Development of sunflower protein isolate technology for food industry
  • Developing technology for pure sunflower oil extraction from hulled seeds without overheating or chemical ingredients
  • Sunflower seed hulls have potential for use in food industry
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Demand for plant-based proteins is rising worldwide, making it a prominent topic for the upcoming decades. Our knowledge and ideas have the potential to improve the situation. The widespread availability of sunflower crops across most regions of the planet can help reduce the costs.

For decades, the sunflower industry solely focused on oil production, which remains its primary product. Our vision is to expand into a wider range of natural, high-quality products while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

One of the ideas is to benefit from sunflower meal, an oil extraction by-product. However, several technical and technological challenges need addressing, including managing color due to the presence of phenols, preserving flavor, and maintaining protein quality despite the oil extraction process.

The calculations confirm that our technology is fully scalable and holds significant potential for expansion in the market. Our focus remains on promoting positive change for both the planet and its people.