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концентрат подсолнечника

March 2023 – By the end of the year, we would like to provide the results of our R&D project in Biodeq concerning the production of high-quality protein for poultry and animal feeding. Over the past 2.5 years, we have been developing technology for protein concentrate  based on sunflower meal.
We’ve got the stable product as a high protein component for poultry feed with unique characteristics and advantages:
-Protein – 50,5% (Kjeldahl method)
– Fiber – 15,0%
– Ash – 3,5%
– Fat – 0,9%
– Digestible protein – 81%
– Environmentally friendly technology
Feeding tests were made on 3 groups (35 chickens in each group) with the control group with soy protein feed. The tests were made at the local Research Institute of Poultry Technology.  The main target was to replace soy protein with our SFP concentrate with variety from 50% to 100% in the receipts. The results were really positive: the maximum difference between experimental groups and control group was +3,5% of the average weight. The tasting made by expert staff confirmed better taste of chicken meat fed by sunflower protein concentrate as well as soup & meat tests.
These facts prove our technology performance and open the doors for future innovations!

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